Each Sunday our church runs a children’s program known as Lollipop Life
… a sweet treat for Sundays.

Lollipop life seeks to provide a joyful experience whilst learning about the bible.

Lollipop life is all about equipping our younger generation with friendship, fun and a place where their faith begins to go deeper.

As a church we want the bible to become alive for our children, not just a book that they pull out every Sunday. We want our kids to engage and begin to go on their own journey with God.

Our leadership team love teaching our kids to pray and provide an environment which is both open and honest. They are personal, enthusiastic and loving and aim to make church a place of choice that the children are wanting to come back week after week.

Lollipop Life is awesome. My kids have a great time and make good friends.
They can’t wait to go each week.