Simple Choice

April 12, 2020 | By: Corri Byrne |

As we celebrate a unique Easter, Hillslife Church presents our video message via Facebook, which has been converted to MP3 for this platform. Scripture focuses on the story of the two criminals in Luke 23:32-43.

Where is your faith?

April 5, 2020 | By: Corri Byrne |

In a world of chaos what can we learn from the Gospels? This week we turn to Mark 4:35-41, where Jesus calms the storm and seek to learn from the lessons Jesus shared with the disciples.

The C Word

April 2, 2020 | By: Corri Byrne |

With a global change occurring around the world, this week is the first of the online video messages available on our Facebook page. The C Word ... if you were to try to sum up the culture for the last 50 years throughout the West what would that word be? That's what we try and look at this week as we dive into the Word.

The Parable of the Restaurant

March 20, 2020 | By: Peter Sumskas |

Continuing the One Encounter series, Pete Sumskas dives deeper in to the opening message ... when you are invited to be part of something extraordinary, something special. Listen in as Pete shares the Parable of the Restaurant and an encounter with Jesus.


March 8, 2020 | By: Corri Byrne |

John 4 records the story of an incredible encounter, one that rocked the disciples more than turning water into wine. Jesus not only embraces the Samaritans, but welcomes them into worship. He even discloses his true self, to a Samaritan ... WOMAN! A woman. The scandal. Join us this week as we explore the encounter with the woman at the well.

Fishers of Men

March 1, 2020 | By: Corri Byrne |

In Matthew 4 we read of Simon Peter's encounter with Jesus ... as he walked along the shore, he saw two brothers and said, "Come, follow me" and they immediately did. But is this the whole story? There is a risk reducing the Gospel to short snippets and sound bites. This week we explore the harmony of the Gospels and the broader account of Peter's encounters with Jesus.

Chinese Whispers

February 23, 2020 | By: Corri Byrne |

The game of Chinese Whispers is humourous when the message that starts travels along the line and is often completely different by the end. Though while humourous if a game, what if the Gospel was at risk of a similar fate? That what was first said, over centuries, has been mistranslated, or miscommunicated. The book of Galatians contains evidence of this happening within the first century. How about now? Have we misinterpreted some of the Gospel? Have we diluted some of its meaning? Join us this week as we explore akoloutheo.

Your Move Chief

February 2, 2020 | By: Corri Byrne |

God is all in, He sent His only Son to redeem us ... we can be under that covering, that sacrifice, but it's our choice. Your Move Chief is a challenge, an encouragement, a question ... if it's our move, how will we play it? Are we all in? Or all out? There's no lukewarm, sitting on the fence.

Actively Seeking

January 26, 2020 | By: Corri Byrne |

From the beginning, an encounter with Jesus was polarising; you either actively sought or actively avoided. This week we explore the early account from the Gospel of Matthew. The wise men, King Herod and the teachers of the law ... their reactions to the "good news" that Israel's redemption was nigh.

Meeting in Manhattan

January 19, 2020 | By: Corri Byrne |

A Muslim, a Hindu, A Buddhist, an atheist, an agnostic and a Christian walk into a bar ... no scratch that, a restaurant. In fact to be politically correct a vegetarian restaurant. Sounds like a joke, but rather a reflection. What are our stereotypes? Our character traits? What conversations would occur? Would they be hostile or cordial? Who are the characters? Are they male or female? Old or young? Ethnicity? This week we explore the "script", Meeting in Manhattan.