What’s the meaning?
Is there a plan?
Does God exist?
Does He know man?

Why do bad things happen?
Is there a moral law?
Do you believe in heaven?
Do believe there’s more?

Do I need to go to church?
Why do people pray?
To which God do they speak to?
Is there only one way?

Did Jesus really walk the Earth?
Do all the things they claim?
Did He die and rise again?
Aren’t all religions the same?

Why is there evil?Why is their good?
If there’s a GodDoes He do as He should?
Is God just a crutch?A God of the gaps?
Surely Big Bang was More than a thunder clap

Was there a beginning?
Is there an end?
A judgment to come?
To make amends

What is this life?
What is man?
What is truth?
Can we ever understand?