While we stand here looking into what seems like the vastness of space; in a war against an enemy unseen, an unknown future and an unknown impact. A virus that could be carried by potentially our friends, our family, our coworkers, our community … spare a thought.

Spare a thought for the front line health professionals, who know little more of the vastness of this than we do. They know the enormity, they know the potential risk, they know that we need to flatten the curve, they know the system cannot support an outbreak. They have seen the results overseas in places like Italy. They watch and wait, send out advice to ensure simple hygiene, to reduce contact with others, to lessen the impact that is coming. They are already feeling the pressure and could sure be helped with our patience.

Spare a thought for our leaders, our parliament. Faced with a health and economic challenge like none before. There is no precedent, there is no model to follow. As days unfold they make decisions that they hope will find the right balance reducing risk while maintaining some semblance of an economy so that once the virus has passed people still have jobs to return to. They will get some things right, some things wrong. Let’s seek to support and minimise the judgment. Sure our opinions matter, but facts really do help more. It’s a big system to oversee and there are many facets we may not be aware of.

Spare a thought for our essential services, not just the emergency services, but those in supermarkets, distribution centers, supply chain logistics, call centers. They have families, and friends, and coworkers, and a community just like each of us and are trying to ensure we can continue, as close as possible, to the normalcy of our lives. A simple smile, a little patience in the queue, a thank you for serving would really go a long way.

Spare a thought for those already affected. Those that may have already contracted the virus, or their family members. The fear of the unknown. The hype, the misinformation. The hope that they will recover. Be ready to make a call, to offer support, to let them know they are not alone.

Spare a thought for those already financially affected. Those who work in tourism, service industries, events and catering, the small business sector whose livelihoods rely on the health of our economy. Not being essential services, they watch as trolleys full of food and beverage pass by while they are lucky to even receive an inquiry or worse.

Spare a thought for our not for profit sector, serving those in need. From medical research to homeless, with so much generosity already offered during the bush fire season, many were already scrambling for support. Now, without opportunity to fund raise via events, or new donor sourcing, their flow on services are at risk of scaling back or worse.

Spare a thought for your community. Spare a thought for those you know, not just family and friends, but the sphere in which you live. Seriously, consider who right now needs a call? Who might need a helping hand? Who might be suffering mentally? Emotionally? Financially? Are you in a position to help? To offer support?

Now is a time to rally, to acknowledge how overwhelmingly we rely on each other for our community to work – not just locally, nationally, but globally.

If coronavirus has offered one positive insight, it is how interconnected we all really are. How fragile a system we live in. That we, individually, really can make an enormous difference to the success or failure of this battle against an unseen enemy.

Will you spare a thought?


Consider taking on the Spare a Thought Challenge … a challenge to think before acting.

  • Remember to be patient with others … we really don’t know what’s going on in their lives
  • Think of others that may need your support … emotions are heightened, stress is up, fear is definitely rife. Maybe you can offer an encouragement? Support?
  • Remember to smile (especially when served) … right now it will really go along way

Will you take the time to spare a thought?