The narrow road that leads to life … what a picture.

Another way of visualising this is walking a tightrope.

When it comes to walking a tightrope it requires great balance and focus.

Life often throws curveballs and distractions, sometimes opportunities and unexpected surprises, some appear positive, some appear negative. Yet without focus how do we measure? Without balance how do we weigh up?

One of the recommendations offered by the “online help” videos in learning how to walk a tightrope is “don’t look down”. This is partly because when you look down you lose focus, but also because you then lose momentum.

As we walk through the tightrope of life, the same advice holds true.

If we look down and get caught just in the current situation then we can get bogged down in the negative. Whether that’s the naysayers around us, the stress of a given situation, the seemingly impossible task that still lies before us.

We look down and stagnate. We lose momentum.

Life really does throw some terrible situations at us – some may be in one right now. It’s at these times you need to rebalance. Get back on the tightrope and move forward. Slowly, steadily, but move. Don’t get caught in the moment and lose hope of the future.

Hey, that’s easy to say while you are on the tightrope … right?

Of course not, all of us face tough seasons, situations, circumstances … some beyond our control, some we may have influence on. But unless we can rebalance then we can’t get back our focus.

Which is the second piece of advice given to tightrope walkers. Ensure you focus forwards. Know your destination, where you are headed.

Whether we look at the whole season of life, or just the next few weeks, do you have a focal point? Where you are heading?

Again, this may seem easy to write … but I am not trying to be flippant. In fact, as I write this, I reflect on many situations where I’ve lost focus on what’s important and got caught up in the negative and lost my ability to move on.

Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

While I don’t wish to trivialise any circumstance or life event, there is hope.

So too, love, joy and peace. These are the fruits of the Spirit and can be sustained even while walking the tightrope of life.

So if you’re facing a tough season, caught in a seemingly unrelenting storm, if life seems to just be weighing you down, why not rebalance? Change the focus? Check out a local church, have a chat with the people there … hear their stories, and their outcomes. Join others who recognise that the burdens of life are too hard to handle alone and sharing with others and with God eases the load.

There are answers, there is support, there is a hope and a future – reach out and see what God has in store.