Who has time to watch grass grow?

In this increasingly frantic world of total connectedness, seriously who has time for boredom?

In fact, I have noticed with my children that boredom is something that seems completely alien to them. Rather than find themselves with time to sit and be bored, they are connected to a device or a screen and being entertained.

Surely this has an adverse effect on the minds of our young people.

Surely this connectivity has an adverse effect on the minds of our older people.

Recently I made time to sit and watch the grass grow … ok I didn’t really sit for that long, but I did get the chance to sit for around 6 – 7 hours.

This time was spent in prayer and reflection, seeking a time with God. It was a time for recharging. I found new energy and a calmness that had been absent due to a frenetic lifestyle.

While I pondered and meditated on God’s word the question came to me … who likes to watch the grass grow? Or another way of putting it, who enjoys watching the process of time working its magic through the minutes, hours, days, months and years.

Obviously I don’t! Who has time for that? I’m busy. I have things to do, projects to complete, goals to achieve. Take time out to watch the grass grow! Come on.

Well, the answer is … God does. God enjoys watching the miracle of gradual transformation.

All too often we look for the miraculous in the immediate, rather than appreciating the miracle of time.

God says with the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Well a seed takes time, it is planted, it takes root, and gradually grows to a sapling, and then, over time, grows into a great tree (Matthew 13:32).

I think as Christians we need to learn to appreciate the miracle of time and the gift of patience. Our mustard seed prayers will grow into great trees if we allow God’s timing to work.

Find time to disconnect, to slow down, to watch time take its course and enjoy the opportunities to watch grass grow whenever they arise!